Current Projects

In addition to routine maintenance of street and sidewalks, the Town also has improvement projects, which you can find out about here. Check out some of our current and recently completed projects:

HCP Repair Project

Heavy rains in the month of May caused damage to a section of Hill Carter Parkway between Devereux Drive and Junction Drive, forcing closure of the road while repairs were made to the culvert running underneath the roadway. Check out the project page to find out about the repair process.

Trolley Line Trail

A boardwalk trail adjacent to Walder Road running from Maple Street extended southward to the existing Trolley Line Trail is planned to go to construction by Summer of 2018. You can read the latest project updates here.

Caroline Street Sidewalk

The Town of Ashland plans to construct a sidewalk on Caroline Street from Calhoun Street to the Better Med facility. Go to the project page to find out the latest on this pedestrian improvement.