Railroad Avenue Streetscape Phases I, II, & III

Years Constructed: 2013 - present

Funding: TOA General Fund and Road Maintenance Fund

Type of Improvement: Permeable pavers; bioretention areas; streetscaping

Benefit of Improvement: Improved drainage and filtration of stormwater; improved aesthetics

Additional Information: This project is being done in three phases. 
  • Phase I - West side of Railroad Avenue, both north and south of Route 54 (Thompson Street)
  • Phase II - East side of Railroad Avenue, south of Route 54 (England Street) and north of Robinson Street
  • Phase III - East side of Railroad Avenue, south of Lee Street and north of Myrtle Street
Phases I and II have been completed and include replaced sidewalk, a decorative strip of red pavers along existing buildings, decorative red permeable pavers (which allow water to infiltrate) in many on-street parking spaces, bio-retention areas, and regular landscaped areas. The permeable paver and bio-retention areas help with managing stormwater quality and quantity. This helps our local streams, rivers, and, ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.
Phase III is planned for 2017. It will include new sidewalk, decorative pavers and drainage improvements.