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Police Department

Welcome to the Ashland Police Department
The Ashland Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that provides 24-hour service to its citizens. The Ashland Police Department works in partnership with the Hanover County Sheriff's Office 
to provide quality police services to its residents and businesses.


            Ashland Police Department Holiday Safety Tips


As the Holiday Season approaches the Ashland Police Department would like to remind residents of these Holiday Safety Tips provided by the National Crime Prevention Council:

Shopping in Stores…

• Do not buy more than you can carry. Plan ahead by taking a friend with you or ask a store employee to help you carry your packages to the car.
• Save all receipts. Print and save all confirmations from your online purchases. Start a file folder to keep all receipts together and to help you verify credit card or bank statements as they come in.
• Consider alternate options to pay for your merchandise, such as onetime or multiuse disposable credit cards or money orders, at online stores and auction sites.
• Wait until asked before taking out your credit card or checkbook. An enterprising thief would love to shoulder surf to get your account information.
• Tell a security guard or store employee if you see an unattended bag or package. The same applies if you are using mass transit.
Walking to and From Your Car…
• Deter pickpockets. Carry your purse close to your body or your wallet inside a coat or front trouser pocket.
• Have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. Check the back seat and around the car before getting in.
• Do not leave packages visible in your car windows. Lock them in the trunk or, if possible, take them directly home.

Shopping with Small Children…

• If you are shopping with children, make a plan in case you are separated from each other.
• Select a central meeting place.
• Teach them to know they can ask mall personnel or store security employees if they need help.

Shopping Online…

• Before surfing the Internet, secure your personal computers by updating your security software. Everyone’s computer should have anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam software, as well as a good firewall installed. Visit for free software downloads.
• Keep your personal information private and your password secure. Do not respond to requests to “verify” your password or credit card information unless you initiated the contact. Legitimate businesses will not contact you in this manner.
• Beware of “bargains” from companies with whom you are unfamiliar—if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
• Use secure websites for purchases. Look for the icon of a locked padlock at the bottom of the screen or “https” in the URL address.
• Shop with companies you know and trust. Check for background information if you plan to buy from a new or unfamiliar company.
To find more useful shopping tips and personal safety information, visit the National Crime Prevention Council’s website.
For further information please contact the Ashland Police Department at (804) 798-
1227 or (804) 412-0615.


On Thursday, November 20th from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Ironhourse Restuarant officers from the Ashland Police Department and community members will come together to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee. Coffee with a Cop provides a unique opportunity for community members to ask questions and learn more about the department’s work in Ashland’s neighborhoods. 

APD plans to host Coffee with a Cop meetings regularly as a forum to build partnerships in our community. For more information click here.

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The Ashland Police Department wants to remind our community that disasters can strike at any time and anyplace. We want our community to prepare themselves and their family so that they will be ready should a disaster strike. Below are three steps that everyone should take to prepare for an emergency.


We want you to learn more about these steps so please take the time to visit  and  to learn more about being prepared.

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Alert Center

Portions of Route 54 in west Ashland will be closed on Sunday, November 23, from 2-5 PM for the Holiday Parade. Please plan alternate routes as necessary, follow posted detours, and drive carefully.

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Train disabled in town blocking most crossings downtown. Estimated time clear is about 2 hours. We appreciate your patience.

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Douglas A Goodman, Jr
Chief of Police

601 England Street
Ashland, VA 23005

Ph: (804) 412-0600
Fx: (804) 798-8739
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