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Strategic Brand Platform Submission

  1. The Town of Ashland is coordinating a community branding exercise. The first step to that exercise it to come up with our Strategic Brand Platform. The Town has compiled a significant amount of background information which can be viewed at We strongly suggest reviewing the background information as you submit this form to suggest what you believe the strategic brand platform should be.

  2. A strategic brand platform is the critical touchstone for all branded activity within the community. For maximum brand impact, all efforts, thoughts, communications and actions should literally and symbolically support its essence. A strategic brand platform is not necessarily about connecting with the consumer emotionally. It is more a factual statement of what makes a community special, why it matters, and to whom. Emotional connections will be made later through the use of creativity including graphic design, communications, brand action and brand narrative... all of which should support the brand platform. A well-conceived strategic brand platform should remain viable and relevant for decades, whereas the creativity used to manifest that platform will change with the times.

  3. For whom your destination has the most appeal. Example: Providence, RI - For those seeking depth and perspective

  4. Where you are in the world that makes sense to those in the Target Audience. Example: Providence, RI - Providence, RI is a vibrant, northeastern city

  5. That something special about the community. It might be as big as a river, as small as a flower, as intangible as an attitude or as solid as a skyscraper. It might be a passion or a process, an idea or an inspiration. It might be the cumulative meaning of a number of assets or something stand-out and singular. Example: Providence, RI - where original thinking is expansive

  6. What's in it for the Target Audience? Example: Providence, RI - so you are free to create

  7. While the focus of this exercise is to come up with the Strategic Brand Platform; every good platform has to have a catchy tagline. Any suggestions? Example: Providence, RI - The Creative Capital

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