Traffic Safety

Crash Statistics
During 2013, the Ashland Police Department had an increase in reportable crashes compared to 2012. The total number of reportable crashes in 2013 was 109, compared to 84 reportable crashes investigated in 2012.

The Ashland Police Department investigated six crashes involving driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol in 2013, compared to four crashes in 2012. The department participated in the Smart Safe and Sober programs, Checkpoint Strikeforce, and the Click it or Ticket program.

During these programs, the department conducted 14 DUI / License Checkpoints as a part of our effort to decrease alcohol and drug related driving incidents.

For 2013, the Ashland Police Department conducted 3,742 traffic stops and issued 2,237 summonses for traffic or vehicle related violations. In 2012, the Department issued 1,829 summonses for traffic or vehicle related violations.

Speeding EnforcementAshland Police Station
The Ashland Police Department’s traffic safety unit studied areas where a high volume of crashes occurred during the previous year. In 2010, the department implemented the A.C.U.T.E. (Addressing Complaints Using Technology and Enforcement) program. This program identifies areas where a speeding problem exists, educates the public about the posted speed limit, and, if necessary, results in directed enforcement in that area.

This program is still in place and is used based on information provided by the public. Report a speeding problem.

Special Programs
  • Child safety seat
  • Click it or ticket
  • Crash reduction
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving

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