How Do I…?

About this Page
The Town of Ashland strives to make its website as useful and interactive as possible for residents, businesses and visitors. The How Do I...? page offers links to some of our most requested interactive features on the website. Please use the links to the left to accomplish a variety of tasks related to the Town.
  1. Get Involved

    View information about local civic associations, volunteer opportunities and town leadership programs.

  2. Report a Concern

  3. Stay Informed

    See all the ways you can get information on town news and events.

  4. FOIA Request

    This page provides information on the means by which citizens can legally request records from the Town of Ashland.

  5. Apply for a Business License

    Learn how to apply for a business license with the town.

  6. Apply for a Job

    Check out the current job postings with the town.

  7. Contact Town Staff

    Find contact information for town staff.

  8. Find Businesses

    Discover all the businesses located within the Town of Ashland.

  9. Find Leaf Collection Information

    Gain information about the town's leaf collection policy.

  10. Find Pool Information

    Explore information about the town's pool facilities.

  11. Hold A Special Event

    It is the goal of the Town of Ashland to support civic activities to the extent they add to the social, cultural, and economic well being of the community. Our Special Events policy aims to ensure the support of town funds and/or resources for such activities is fairly and equitably distributed. It also establishes basic requirements for public activities and special events in order to maintain an adequate level of police and other services for the events and the entire town for the duration of such activities.

  12. Find Financial Assistance

    This page lists several non-profts that offer help to those in need.

  13. Pay Taxes

    Access information about how to pay your taxes online.

  14. Register to Vote

    Obtain information about how to register to vote before the next election.

  15. View Town Bids and RFP's

  16. View Town Events

    Stay up to date with what is happening within the town.

  17. View Town Maps

    Check out the latest maps associated with town functions.

  18. View Trash / Recycle Information

    Look through the town's trash and recycling policy.

  19. Visit Town Attractions

    Read about all the attractions and entertainment the Town of Ashland has to offer.